The Producers (2005)

Watched 20140515 (Netflix, Instant, HD) (Streaming until 20140516)
The Producers (2005) Susan Stroman. 134 min [aot Broadway musical otsn (2011) which was bot film otsn (1968) Mel Brooks]

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I'm not sure what it was, but I felt as if Matthew Broderick failed to capture how I thought his character should be portrayed, if not in his acting, then at least visually.

While I thought the film had some good laughs, I thought it was just okay overall and could only recommend it to those who enjoy musicals.

Instant Comments:
The virgin milk maid and the well-hung stable boy.
Hmm. I don't really remember the original movie production (1968), but I don't really like this one. At least the first seventeen minutes.
Hmm. The singing makes things better.

In particular, I really like the public accountant number.
"You are right about one thing. You are a CPA. A certified public asshole!"
Oh, I didn't know Will Ferrell was in this film.
Hahahahaha. That yodeling. Hahahaha.

Ha. Two coats.
Ha. A little slapstick humor in this number.
Hahahaha. That bulge.
"Is he alright?" "He's having a stroke... of GENIUS!"

Ha. Standing ovation. Dirty.
Lol. "At 11, Ulla like to have sex." Wow.
Ha. "Why Bloom go so far camera right?"

Ha. The old woman pops up unexpectedly.
"I broke my leg."
Mel Brooks has a cameo at the very end, after the credits. Actually, most of the cast makes a final appearance as well.

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