ParaNorman (2012)

Released 20120817.
Watched 20120818 Theatres. Bella Terra [ParaNorman] 7:20P $11.75
Watched 20130605 (Netflix, Instand, HD)
ParaNorman (2012) Chris Butler, Sam Fell. 92 min

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I wrote: "What a great animation. This movie has a great artistic style. At the end, the art used to accompany the credits is nicely done. I love when an animated movie does that. After the credits roll, there's a snippet of how Norman is formed and the creation transitions to being animated to life. Many jokes in the movie fall flat. But the ones that land, land effectively. The scene with the tongue was funny. The moment when the car beeps just had to be included. Classic comedy. Oh I liked the inclusion of the Halloween ringtone. I don't like how dramatic scenes come and go, but without a smooth transition. The movie is fast-paced." 9:19PM PT.

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I have the impression that I enjoyed this movie more this time than the last time. In particular, I didn't find any complaint with the jokes this time the way I did last time. Though, like the last viewing, I enjoyed the look of the movie as well as the look of the end credits.

Instant Comments:
2: I immediately enjoy the distinct look of each family member.
2: "Don't make me throw this hummus! It's spicy."
2: "I fetched it."
2: Haha. Norman's phone plays the Halloween theme song and Neil shows up wearing a hockey mask.
2: "You're the oldest." "Not mentally!"

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