Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Sam (Jared Gilman) and Captain Sharp (Bruce Willis)

This movie was visually pleasing and the two-dimensional pictures were striking. In addition, Jared Gilman (Sam) and Kara Hayward (Suzy) gave spectacular performances. They particularly did well in each others presence. With that being said, the entire cast was strong.

I was on the edge of my seat when the movie reached its climax. I enjoyed the ending (it was romantic). After the movie, I continued thinking about its visuals. Of course, the movie also had a good balance of humor.

Deadly lefty scissors.

I love this movie. It's right up there with Little Miss Sunshine, possibly better.

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Suzy's father Mr. Bishop (Bill Murray)

This time around, I focused more on the audio of the movie.

During the movie, one of my friends wondered how old the actor and actress were. Another friend guessed either 12 or 13, basically the age of middle school children. Born in 1998, Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward were 12 years old at the time the movie was filmed.

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Suzy (Kara Hayward)

I enjoy this movie almost as much as I enjoy Little Miss Sunshine (2006). Since I think I'm running out of "Top 10" movie positions, it had the honor of being the first with the "Top 25" label.

I love this movie.


I don't know why I love this movie so much, but I do. Maybe I love it for the same reason I like Ponyo.

What kind of bird are YOU?
I'm a raven.

I watched this film again today with Ada. I absolutely love it!

From a recent conversation and after watching it today, Moonrise Kingdom has definitely risen (no pun was intended) to the position of being my absolute favorite movie!

As of 20171215, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 76% match, but I absolutely love this film and so I gave it a thumbs up. On that note, I don't understand why the Netflix ratings for certain television shows and movies can vary wildly from one day to the next.

Instant Comments:
5: [Noticed after rewinding to the beginning: The scissors are on the wall]
5: I never noticed in the beginning that Suzy's mom is washing her hair (topless)
5: Suzy's bags are packed.

The Narrator (Bob Balaban)

3: Lol. "Are we men, or are we mice?" (reference to Of Mice and Men)
3: Troop 55.
4: "Jiminy Cricket, he flew the coop."
4: "I don't understand how that works." - Captain Sharp to Mr. Billingsley
5: Suzy sees her mom with Captain Sharp (sharing a cigarette)
5: Sam grabs the elephant nose as he walks by

Scout Master Ward (Edward Norton) and his Khaki Scout troop.

2: After the movie I marked this as one of my favorite scenes:
Sam: [In the women's dressing room] What kind of bird are you?
Sparrow: [Starting to point to the other actresses] I'm a sparrow, she's a dove...
Sam: [Cutting her off] No. I said...
[Points to Suzy]
Sam: What kind of bird are YOU?
Suzy: I'm a raven.
4: "No, I said what kind of bird are you?" "I'm a raven.", 5: One of my favorite moments.

"It's pretty, do the other one." - Suzy

4: "Might also help if you didn't wear a fur hat."
4: Hahaha. [after chewing on a pebble] "I brought water too."
4: Ha. Carelessly throws the turtle back into the water., 5: Especially funny cause the turtle probably belonged to Albert
4: Suzy is left-handed.
4: "Coping With The Very Troubled Child"
4: "Are you laughing? It's not funny."
4: Hahaha. "Does it concern you that your daughter's run away from home?" "That's a loaded question."
5: Suzy had removed the battery from the flashlight so he was walking around in the dark so he hurt himself

Mrs. Bishop (Frances McDormand) and Captain Sharp

5: They discuss renaming the area.
1: After the movie I marked this as one of my favorite scenes: Sam pierces Suzy's ears.
3: Haha, blood runs down the neck, followed by,
"It's pretty, do the other one."
4: Hahahaha:
"Ahh! Ahh!" [turns to Sam with blood running down her neck] "It's pretty, do the other one."
4: That entire beach scene (with the recorder playing) is just precious.

1: After the movie I marked this as an interesting scene: Mr. Bishop lifts the tent away to expose Sam and Suzy
4: [Haha, I'm already starting to think of the "That was the girl!" scene. It's one of the most memorable moments in the movie.]
1: After the movie I marked this as my favorite line: "That was the girl!", 3, 4: "That was the girl!"
4: Parcheesi!
5: Why did he bring the nickels when he went back for the binoculars?
5: Ada asked how Scout Master Ward would be able to jump back with Commander Pierce. I didn't know the answer, but apparently the blast helped get him across.
5: Captain Sharp notices they're up in the balcony
5: Scout Master Ward has a picture of the operator on his desk

(Suzy's letter to Sam:) Dear Sam, now I am getting suspended...
...because I got in a fight with Molly.

5: The words "Moonrise Kingdom" are in the painting.

1: The end credits were unique and interesting, especially when it got to the last song.

1=20120803, 2=20130106, 3=20130106, 4=20160125, 5=20170316*
Combined after my viewing on 20170316. In other words, instant comments from the first five viewings are made independent of each other.
*I didn't actively get to write instant comments, but I noticed some things and after watching the movie I skimmed through to remember some of it

Released 20120629.
Watched 20120803 Theater. University 6 [MOONRISE] 9:10PM $11.00

Watched 20130106 (Blu-ray) English subtitles for about the first half of the movie.
Watched 20140829 (DVD) English subtitles.
Watched 20160125 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 20170316 (Netflix, Instant)
Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Wes Anderson. 94 min

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