The Social Network (2010)

Great movie. It's funny, it's got great music, great dialogue. I like how it's fast-paced and interesting. The fast-paced dialogue reminds me of the dialogue in Gilmore Girls.

After finishing the movie, my friend asked which movie I thought was the best of 2010. I thought of The King's Speech (2010) and decided that was the better of the two. He likes The Social Network better. With that being said, I had forgotten about Inception (2010), which would have be a strong contender for best of 2010. The character interaction in The Social Network was fun, Inception as a whole was mind-blowing, and King's Speech emotionally drew me into its characters.

Instant Comments:
lol that first scene is interesting.
Hopkins! Breezeway, Upper Quad
lol who are they gonna send it to? so evil an expression
22000 hits in an hour...
lol "there's two of me"
lol the Bill Gates conversation is funny
did I adequately answer your condescending questions?
I like the scene between Sean Parker and the girl, Amy.
Lol, you entered an agreement with the university not with each other. Lol the conversation between the brothers and president is funny.
lol "glottal stop" linguistic
lol drop the "the" just "facebook"
lol "Hold on" checking the math
that's interesting. you're not an asshole Mark. you're just trying so hard to be.

Blu-ray Menu:
Menu goes through various scenes throughout the movie. I like how it's long and subtle.

Watched 20110723 (Blu-ray) (English subtitles)
The Social Network (2010) David Fincher. 120 min

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HISHE (How It Should Have Ended):
This HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) episode is more of a quick summary of the movie, with a few funny jokes added here and there. The ending is just slightly tweaked.


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