Oceans (2009)

I sort of let this one play and watched it in the background. It's beautiful and definitely worth watching.

Today I began watching this documentary - not having remembered seeing it before. As mentioned in the comment section, I thought the documentary had great visuals, but lacked an interesting narrative.

Instant Comments:
2: The beginning is slow for my son
1: Oh wow, I never knew such a creature as the marine iguana existed; 2: That's amazing... a marine iquana. Doesnt really look like a water animal if i had spotted it on land.
1: "Adapting and evolving"
2: Why does a horshoe crab have a long tail.
2: Wow upside down... interesting. Is there a reason?
1: Wow, the dolphins, birds, sharks, and whale massacred that school of sardines. But then the outcome basically says, there's gonna be more than enough for life to go on. I find it interesting that seldom do people think of human death in this manner. It's interesting how the personal and impersonal affects our thought.
1: Whoa the blanket octopus is beautiful...
1: The school of fish clumping up from tornado to a ball was awesome.
1: Holy crap... mantis shrimp versus the crab. That's crazy.
2: The images in this documentary are beautiful and often novel but very boring due to lack of information and narrative. The opening is about a boy asking about what is the ocean and this documentary does nothing to really answer the question. As an example, there's this segment where its just some do this some do that and it drags on too long before finally randomly observing the mantis shrimp.
2: Paused at 33min mark. May never finish
1: Interesting to hear those two creatures returning to the sea. _ and the sea turtle.
1: I wonder what stimuli the baby sea turtles use to find their way to the ocean.
1: Wow 1 in a 1000.
1: I like that, "Down here, it seems nature has given every thing a try."
1: Haha, "As tempting as it might be its never a good idea to swallow your dental hygenist."
1: That's a lot of ribbon... (Ribbon eel)
1: I love all the sound effects and music. Pierce Brosnan's narration is cool.
1: That fact about the leafy sea dragon is intense. "Try to move him, and he'll die."
1: Otters rule.
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Oceans (2009) Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud. 84 min.

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