The Fighter (2010)

This was a good movie. I particularly liked some of the shots.

I loved various individual performances, especially those by Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, and Amy Adams. On the other hand, I was displeased with the character interaction.

This movie is good enough that I would watch it again with people who haven't seen it, but I wouldn't watch it again by myself.

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20190112 Comment:
I was transferring movies from my main blog to movie blog and I came across this one. My first thought was "Oh what!?!" because I had absolutely no memory of watching this movie.

Instant Comments:
LOLOLOL, his mom comes and he jumps out the window, but his mom is wise on him this time and goes to check as he jumps out the window.
Oh snaps: I heard a lot about you too. What does that mean? Same thing you meant.
Haha: What is that blue shit on your arm? It's icing.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Dicky flicks the competitor off during the press conference.
Round 1 was tense.

A short clip plays at the beginning of the credits. It shows the real Micky and Dicky.

Watched 20110719 (Netflix, Instant)
The Fighter (2010) David O. Russell. 116 min [based on a true story]

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