Wedding Crashers (2005)

I watched to the scene where Owen Wilson's character gets Vince Vaughn's character to stay by accepting to go on some sort of boat trip. Up until then, the only funny scenes I can remember are 1) at the dinner table (especially the grandma), 2) when Vaughn gets strapped down, and 3) the football scene (but barely). Thus so far, nothing memorable, and the humor is mediocre. I suppose the one scene where a woman Wilson picks ups, Vivian, asks "Would you say you're completely full of shit or just 50%?" Wilson replies, "I hope just 50 but who knows."

I had ranked a bunch of comedies in order to compare my opinion with public opinion. My rankings were nothing like popular opinion. To be fair, I hadn't watched any of the movies I ranked in the context of critiquing them. I have only seen half of Wedding Crashers, and the viewing experience itself was horrible.

[20100428 7:35 AM]

So I finally got to watch the rest of Wedding Crashers. Watched some of the beginning and scenes in the middle over. The part I hadn't seen started at around Owen Wilson's character wanting to reveal the truth. In any case, it was a surprise to see Will Ferrell. The part before the ending was okay. The very ending was a nice touch.

Note: I didn't watch the credits. But it was late in the evening, so I didn't mind.

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[20100824][20110529: I removed some of the extraneous rating information from the post.]

Watched 1st half 20100424 @ Beach
Watched 2nd half 20100820 (DVD)
Wedding Crashers (2005) David Dobkin. 119 min.

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