James and the Giant Peach (1996)

Partial Overview:
The movie is about a young boy named James who loses his parents and has to live with his two aunts. They mistreat him and have him constantly doing work around the house. The one thing James has to hold onto is the idea of going to New York, across the Atlantic, where his parents had planned to take him prior to passing away.

One day, James meets a man who gives him a bag of magic green things. Unfortunately, James trips and spills the bag and the green things all escape. However, soon after, a giant peach spawns from a barren peach tree and James's aunts make an attraction of it by selling tickets to see the giant peach. One night, James takes a bite of the giant peach and finds a tunnel leading into the peach. He crawls through and is magically transformed. Inside, he meets several bugs and insects: a glowworm, a grasshopper, a centipede, an earthworm, a ladybug, and a spider. Coincidentally, he had saved the very same spider from being killed by his aunts earlier in the story.

After some talking, Centipede cuts the stem of the peach, breaking it free from the tree. While James's aunts are in pursuit, the peach rolls and escapes into the Atlantic Ocean. From here, James finds the brochure of New York City in his breast pocket and remembers his dream to go there. The others are equally excited about the idea and they find themselves intent on going, but with no idea how they'll get there. Seeing the seagulls in the sky, James develops an idea. Centipede grabs hold of Earthworm and baits the seagulls to come. As the seagulls approach, Miss Spider binds them with her web and ties off the other end to the stem of the peach. The peach lifts into the air and the group sail off to New York.

You'll have to watch the movie to see what other obstacles James has to face. Of course, he doesn't have to face them alone, because other bugs and himself are a family.

I started watching the movie at the part where Centipede comes out of the ice.

It might be important to note that, like The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), this film is a Disney movie, Henry Selick was the director, Tim Burton was a producer along with Denise Di Novi, and Danny Elfman did the music. Good movie. Too bad I was adamant about finishing homework and didn't watch the whole thing. It wasn't as great as I remember. I like The Nightmare Before Christmas better, but James and the Giant Peach is still a great movie.

[20100513 10:42 AM]

I determined that last time I started watching at 0:51:## out of 1:19:39.

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Instant Comments:
3a: Killed butterfly
3a: Don't remember this scene with the man
3a: To be honest I forgot the peach is literally giant...
3a: Wow, they charged the father double ("may god forgive you" he says)
2: I had forgotten that the steps on the peach came from the peach rolling over a wooden picket fence.
3b: Resume 37min mark
3b: "Better than a Ladybug"
3b: Worm has peach clumps along his body

3b: Spider likes to be off by herself... though she says in part because the others rightfully fear her
2: Jack Skellington!; 3b: Skellington (taking the compass)
3a: Technically paused somewhere during the scene where they got stuck in the ice, but effectively I was paying some attention until about the 45 minute mark, and I stopped paying full attention at about the 35 minute mark
2: The live action sequences make up the worst parts of the movie. Admittedly, the ending has grown on me, having seen the ending for a second time in the last half year. The songs on the other hand are undoubtedly great. My favorite is "We're Family" then "My name is James."
2, 3b: Haha, "We'll wind up in Jersey!"
3b: Smile. He's right on top of the Empire State Building and doesn't know it
3b: "Please, sir. How do I get to the Empire State Building." "You're on top of it, kid."
3b: Where are they from? England? And now they drove here across the Atlantic? [Yes]

3b: Randy Newman
2: First "Good News" plays. Then an instrumental piece that begins with "My Name is James" to end the rest of the credits.
2: When the credits finish rolling, a short sequence comes up. It's of someone playing "Spike the Aunts." Something one could conceivably find at a carnival; 3b: After the credits, an old-fashioned mechanical carnival game is being played with the rhino and the two aunts

I've seen this movie at least once before when I was a kid
Watched 2nd half 20100420 (Netflix)
Watched 20100708 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 1st half 20220628 (Disney+)
James and the Giant Peach (1996) Henry Selick. 79 min. [botnotsn (1961) by Roald Dahl]

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