Toy Story 4 (2019)

I watched this today and missed a part in the middle.

The end wasn't that sad. To be fair, my attention was split and that possibly broke the tension. Of course, I feel like there was also a lack of association with Bonnie. Furthermore, even though Woody is going to be separated from his friends, he gets to stay with Bo. So that's bittersweet, not sad. The delivery also wasn't so sad: Buzz almost makes it seem like Bo will be alright until he clarifies that Bonnie will be alright. In any case, I didn't even have a tear reach my eye, which often happens with many Pixar movies (in particular, for Toy Story 3).

During the movie I wondered if there would be a Toy Story 5 and the way this movie ended I suppose there could be. I don't think there could be a prequel to the entire story, as that would omit Buzz. I think any Toy Story movie would have to have both Buzz and Woody. There's a small chance a fifth movie could just be centered around Buzz, but I feel it would be easy enough for them to figure out a way for Woody to return.

Doing a quick google search, apparently there is currently no news of a Toy Story 5.

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