Ice Age (2002)

Today I resumed watching Ice Age and I had the following comments on the movie thus far. - the animation hasn't aged well, which is a nice way of saying it looks terrible relative to modern movies
- however, my eyes eventually adjust
- problem is eventually the story the focus and that's honestly not too great either
- Sid is annoying

Today I finished the movie. It ended okay. Manny had some memories but didn't hold a grudge against the baby. Maybe instead he sympathized with it. The resolution to Diego's betrayal was decent but I didn't like the whole part where he was injured and the movie made it seemed like he was going to die. I'm not sure what that was about, because he was able to catch up in the final scene anyways. I feel like the movie was good for just maybe ten minutes at a time. In bursts.

On a different note, the ending with Scrat was uninteresting. Maybe kids like it.

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Instant Comments:
2b: Sure is faithful... and various other jokes along this montage.
2b: Haha the unrealistic evolution of sloths.
2b: Hehe who's up for round 2. He was so excited about it.
2b: Paused at cave paintings
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