Red Notice (2021)

While the movie follows some patterns, it was fun to watch and had likeable characters.
Instant Comments:
theres a bishop on the inside of the ceramic fake
haha top or bottom
it don't matter what you do just what they've think you done
hahaha the answer is yes
(how did they get around faster than workers running through the compound)
plot twist; i told you they'd come
haha foreshadowing
lol. what luck. wrong directions but also right directions?
hahaha. "forget the egg. let's just steal this stuff"
look for a box that says macguffin
"your entrances are bullshit"
classic heist / archaeology story (racing to an objective and one party just chases the other)
no.... don't shoot at all the art!!!
hehe, I only kind of thought at some point that he would betray him.
despite this I feel like it just has to end positively for Booth...
haha, "I'm Ed Sheeran, bitch."
lol you weren't the only one crying
hahaha, I'm talking about my twist [not that exciting of a twist...]
okay, so lead into a sequel

Watched 20220322 (Netflix)

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