Cells at Work!

cells at work s1e1. so far interesting portrayal. cute little platelets. haha blast off. s1e2. that's a good question how do blood cells know where to go. [so apparently the flow of arteries and veins and distribution locally via capillary beds] "Did everyone bring their coagulation factors?" 6:42 PM

s1e3. haha the microphage. lol "he's been activated". haha a type A influenza virus. 2:38 PM

s1e5 hmm I didnt completely enjoy the portrayal of allergens but I suppose kind of neat. the other day i finished s1e4 and I resumed from where Eosinophil jumps up, awesome moment 9:57 PM

s1e6 huh they have history. at least the young white cell is drawn with hair covering his eye. her uniqueness is red hair. interesting end, i might have expected. s1e7. haha he doesnt reveal his plan. s1e8 hehe white blood cell helps red bc. 4:09 PM

s1e9 hehe nice history on the helper and killer t cells. 2:17 PM

s1e10. I didn't see that coming: monocytes becoming macrophages. 7:31 PM

s1e11 hmm wonder what constitutes global warming. dehydration? [heat stroke, dehydration is mentioned later].. haha sky is pierced. 8:54 PM

yesterday watched s1e12 and s1e13. as an adult s1e12 was too much summary. good ending though, ada watched these two episodes and i imagine s1e12 was a weird episode to see without other episodes [Note fo Merlin S4E13] 12:14 PM

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