Kill la Kill

I have so many notes that I'll be looking to copy and paste without any further edits.

kill la kill. interesting opening with 1 star and 3 star. transfer student. first episode was interesting. a balance of action, sexiness, and story. (8:19 PM)
yesterday we watched another episode of kill la kill. the pervert dad was weird, especially considering he has a wife. tennis match. (8:02 PM)
kill la kill episode 3. why did she let her go. classic trope i guess, let the weak go until they grow strong and beat you... (9:25 PM)
continue kill la kill episode 4. lol they're bringing her uniform. with that being said she's still doing well without it. hahaha her friend still firing as the turret is lowered. how is the dog going to keep up? (i guess he doesnt have to go through the obstacles). "this women has no shame". lol whats the incentive to trap students and make them late; i suppose just to weed out the weak, but it seems the traps are so hard that no one makes it... (9:10 PM)
plus some of the traps seem like they dont test student's ability to fight, just plain tricks (the trap maker and the back to square one trap). haha ending "present". (9:14 PM)
oh btw i had thought of a reason why she would want ryuko to defeat her way up. she would not destroy her own personnel to gain power, but ryuko can gain fibers and then she can defeat ryuko to get ryuko's fibers plus those she gained... (9:23 PM)
s1e5. hmm who was the guy talking to. oh it was Aikuro her homeroom teacher (the one who's been helping her out with her kamui). (9:46 PM)
kill la kill. episode 6 starts with an explanation of previous episode. haha nipples. nudist beach! episode 7. aww.. moving up really changed things for the family (no more family dinner). (4:03 PM)
so the end of the episode 7 finishes with lady satsuki claiming to use matoi to cleanse the academy. That would be part of my previous prediction. (4:21 PM)
kill la kill episode 8. lol automotive airsoft club. hahaha building up and reaching climax. (1:48 PM)
kill la kill episode 9. how will she defeat all 4. hehe stuck inside, how would he have defeated her that way, strangling?. kind of greedy not to take rest. (6:02 PM)
above his bias against ryuko clothing. episode 10. smile no star. hehe forget the dumb sand. whoa (she flies). smile, she gets mad at ryuko and screams "you stinkin bitch!!!" (6:23 PM)
episode 11.* hmm it almost seemed like it was over... lol didnt see that coming. (9:34 PM)
*Actually still episode 10.
kill la kill. oh prev note for episode 11 is end of episode 10. i watched first part of episode 11 that day and finished it today. nui harime. go back to bring a naked money sweetie. huh mako spots the red thread as well.... just luck or what. (1:41 PM)
kill la kill episode 12. hahahaha the fourth guy is naked. but so if lady kiyurin didnt kill matois fathet what have her actions meant up to this point. ha mako "nooooooooo!" to interrupt and calm ryuko. (2:07 PM)
s1e13. kill la kill. huh so she spends the episode sulking and when she finally dons senketsu she doesnt commit to it. (1:50 PM)
s1e14 lol mako catches all the bills. s1e15. hmm, I feel as if the air raid attacking goes against the terms of rescinded attack... oh well. I suppose in the long run Ryuko will defeat Kiyurin but still. That's playing dirty. (8:35 PM)
s1e16. lol "recap episode". new intro. sexual overtones of bath. haha mako falling asleep until finally ryuko shouts i get it for an interesting end. (2:28 PM)
the end credits is filled with mako. s1e17. ha the brother sold his uniform and painted on one... i expected satsuki to help matoi but i didnt expect that moment for her to take action against her mother. (2:57 PM)
s1e18. without a head, can it be that easy? wtf haha she just rubbed her daughter's vagina "retirn junketsu". whoa, plot twist "you are my daughter" (so matoi and satsuki are sisters). (7:41 PM)
and dr matoi was satsukis dad. s1e19. huh 1 month later. she joined nudist beach. his robe slowly comes off. mankashoku mom stares at the teachers crouch. oh wow... what an intense ending "Im a life fiber monster!!!" poor senketsu. s1e20. lol naked sol. pretty cool to see the temporary switch in uniforms. obviously it wasnt matois intent to wear junketsu. s1e21. haha this is a job for mako. she slides down the dtr ramp. senketsu on mako. satsuki so smart with other scissor. lol mako got sucked in too? (20191225 8:57 PM)
above was earlier in day or maybe yesterday... hmm. s1e22 s1e23 s1e24 wow. (9:43 PM)
show Ada part of s1e18 and parts of s1e19. (10:07 PM)

Overall Summary:
29191124: Ep 1: If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle...
20191127: Ep 2: So Sexy She Might Pass Out
20191201: Ep 3: Junketsu
20191207: Ep 4: Dawn of a Miserable Morning, Ep 5: Trigger
20191208: Ep 6: Don't Toy Me On a Whim, Ep 7: A Loser I Can't Hate
20191216: Ep 8: I'll Wipe My Own Tears
20191217: Ep 9: A Once in a Lifetime Chance, Ep 10: I Want to Know More About You
20191218: Ep 11: I'm Not Your Cute Woman
20191219: Ep 12: Spit Your Sadness Away
20191222: Ep 13: Crazy For You
20191223: Ep 14: Ride Like the Wind, Ep 15: Don't Stop Me Now
20191224: Ep 16: The Girl Can't Help It, Ep 17: Tell Me Why, Ep 18: Into the Night, Ep 19: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, Ep 20: Far from the Madding Crowd, Ep 21: Incomplete
20191225: Ep 22: Tell Me How You Feel, Ep 23: Imitation Gold, Ep 24: Past the Infinite Darkness

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