Big Daddy (1999)

Watched once before.
Watched 20160419 (Netflix, Instant)

Overview: Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler) is cruising off the settlement of a lawsuit when a five-year old kid is dropped off at his doorstep. In an attempt to win back his girlfriend, Sonny unofficially adopts the kid. But what starts off as a silly scheme, becomes something more.

Sonny Koufax (Adam Sandler)

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Big Daddy (1999 film)

While I watched this movie once a long time ago, I had absolutely no memory of what it's about.

Julian "Frankenstien" McGrath
(Cole Sprouse / Dylan Sprouse)

In any case, the set-up of the movie is a bit unbelievable and the overall plot was sort of here and there, lacking a strong focus on any one element.

Actually, the film's resolution was almost as silly as its beginning.

Overall, I mostly enjoyed the jokes which are typical of an Adam Sandler movie, but I liked the plot less than most Adam Sandler movies.

Layla Maloney (Joey Lauren Adams)

Note there is a bit of romance in Big Daddy, but only about as much as Talledega Nights (starring Will Ferrell) or Happy Gilmore (starring Adam Sandler).

Instant Comments:
Ha. That ruined surprise.
Haha. "You're not proposing are you!?!"

"You wipe your own ass then?" "Yes"
Hahaha. The stick.
"I wipe my own ass."
"What kind of cat would do that?" "You calling me a liar!?!"
"Live Nudes" for a night light.

Homeless Guy (Steve Buscemi)

The newspaper.
More newspaper.
"You loop it, you swoop it, you pull."
"He has a five year plan." "What is it, don't die?"
"...there's a good chance I'll develop a stutter. Puh-puh-puh-please don't do this to me."

Delivery Guy (Rob Schneider)

Haha. He spiked his Yoo-hoo with rum.
Things have to change around at the 1 hour mark.
Hahaha. "It's not his fault he can't read."
Lol. "Because I don't know the rules with kids and grown ups and being naked and just sit down!"
"Damn you. You gave him the easy ones!"

Corinne Maloney (Leslie Mann)

The end of that court scene is slightly tear-jerking.
"It's important. When you eat at my restaurant. You never eat the BLT."
"Maybe its a ten year plan."

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