A Christmas Carol (1938)

Watched 20151221 (Netflix, Instant)
A Christmas Carol (1938) Edwin L. Marin. 69 min [bot novella otsn (1843) by Charles Dickens]

Ebenzer Scrooge (Reginald Owen)

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Fred (Barry Mackay) and Tiny Tim (Terry Kilburn)

Upon starting this movie, I couldn't help but attempt to recall an adaptation of the story which I remember enjoying. Like this version, the one I sought after was in black and white. Looking through Google images, Scrooge (1951) seemed like the movie I had in mind.

Bob Cratchit (Gene Lockhart)

Unfortunately, this adaptation of Charles Dickens's story was not as good as Scrooge (1951). In particular, I was not particularly fond of Scrooge or Tiny Tim. I did, however, enjoy the portrayal of Bob Cratchit and Scrooge's nephew Fred.

Overall, the movie was definitely fit for watching during the holidays, but I would probably not watch this version again - at least any time soon.

Instant Comments:
He finally gets a sip of the drink.

Fred's fiancee Bess (Lynne Carver) and Fred.

"Don't work overtime, you might make something of yourself."
I haven't listened to many holiday songs this holiday season. How I do enjoy singing them.

Spirit of Christmas Present (Lionel Braham)

"... I do, I do like Christmas! ..."
"Poor Tim. Poor Tiny Tim..."
"Oh, our children, Bob. Save them!"

Spirit of Christmas Past (Ann Rutherford)

"God bless us. Everyone."

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