The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008)

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008) Mark Herman. [botnotsn (2006) by John Boyne]
*The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (original title)

Bruno (Asa Butterfield)
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After I watched this movie I went to read a couple reviews and was a bit surprised to see the mixed response, with several negative reviews citing the failure to accurately portray the Holocaust. Apparently the book on which the film is based was met with the same response.

Father (David Thewlis)
And while this reaction makes sense, because the topic is a sensitive one, my understanding is that the story is a work of fiction and as such the author is free to tell whatever story he pleases, woven with as much fact or fiction as he pleases.

On that note, I find it strange when critics talk about a movie's story (whether positively or negatively) when it was based on another source. Perhaps implicit judgement is with respect to the adaptation.

Mother (Vera Farmiga)
Overall, while perhaps the movie's story is historically inaccurate, I nevertheless enjoyed the story and I enjoyed the acting as well.

Instant Comments:
Hmm. It seems clear where the boy's grandparents stand, and his mom seems uneasy, but I wonder where his parents stand.
"Why do the farmers wear pajamas?"
Damn. That tone.

Shmuel (Jack Scanlon)
That conversation about being a doctor and Bruno not understanding. Rough.
Hmm. When she said 'Thank you' I felt relief but there was still this strange uneasiness. Or perhaps complicated.
Lol. An almanac.
She says a piece and he takes the whole bar.
Holy fuck, it's an electric fence.
"Horrid smell" [...] "I think they just burn rubbish there sometimes."

Grandpa (Richard Johnson), Bruno, Grandma (Sheila Hancock),
Gretel (Amber Beattie), and Mother
Poor kids. They're only 8 years old.
Mother: [she smells something in the air]
Lt. Kotler: "They smell even worse when they burn, don't they?"
Mother: "What?" [she looks around]
Lt. Kotler: "But, surely you -"
In the next scene we learn what's up.
Holy shit. Talk about wrong place at the wrong time.

Bruno and Shmuel play checkers.
Jeez. I surely can't blame Bruno, he's only 8. Lt. Kotler spooked him.
His mom points out the hypocrisy.

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