Argo (2012)

Based on true events, this movie starts with the Iranians storming the U.S. embassy in response to the U.S. giving the Shah asylum. In the fray, many were taken hostage, but six manage to escape and hide in the home of a Canadian ambassador (Victor Garber). Meanwhile, discussions are made on how to exfiltrate them out of Iran. Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) comes up with a plan to disguise the six as a film crew scouting for an exotic location for a sci-fi film. With the help of some people in Hollywood (Alan Arkin and John Goodman), a fictitious movie called Argo is produced. At this point, Mendez, at the risk of his own life, enters Iran to meet up with the six escapees and help them review their roles as part of the film crew.

I found I could really sense the gravity of the situation throughout this movie. The feeling that something could go wrong at any moment and that the smallest mistake could lead to death. It's especially helpful that I didn't know how the situation would end, and you won't know either until you watch the movie. With that being said, the resolution was just a bit over the top and I sat there thinking, "That couldn't possibly have been how the real story happened."


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We have intelligence. They can ride bicycles. Otherwise we can send someone in to teach them.
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Argo (2012) Ben Affleck. 120 min

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