Police Story (1985)

Yay! A Jackie Chan movie I haven't seen yet!

My favorite scene was the one where Jackie Chan starts picking up all the phones (and ending on the punchline: phone company).

The most surprising scene was the one where they played the tape back in court. While I expected something to go wrong, I had no idea how.

The best action scene was definitely the last.

Overall, the movie was a great balance of action and humor (much of what you expect of Jackie's movies during this time period).

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Stunts Documentary
: Various members of Jackie Chan's stunt team recap the overall dangers and other related information both in general and specifically with Police Story. Notable tidbits include the cars rolling down the hill and following wooden rails. Their budget was tight so they couldn't use metal rails. One of the cars derailed and injured two stuntmen who were on a roof. Another involves the bus and the stuntmen falling out onto the ground instead of onto the car. But the scene is usable, because they follow a general rule to not run in until the director (or in this case the assistant director) yells cut. And of course they talk about Jackie sliding down the pole. Often times a member of the stunt team will try a stunt before Jackie tries it. Many won't want to and the one that usually is willing to recently dislocated his shoulder so couldn't. Thus, Jackie did that stunt without having someone test it out first.

Watched 20120621 (Cantonese audio, English subtitles)
Police Story (1985) Jackie Chan, Chi-Hwa Chen. 101 min

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